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Our Validators

A representative of the national authority of a Union Member State or any other physical or legal person recognised by a Member State or the Commission for the purposes of performing EU aviation security validations.

Our Validators

Trained by the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators. Have been subjected to and passed a background check; Perform validations impartially and objectively, understand the meaning of independence and apply methods to avoid situations of conflict of interest; Have sufficient theoretical knowledge of and practical experience in the field of quality control as well as respective skills and personal attributes to collect, record and assess findings based on a checklist; Provide proof of appropriate competence based on training and work experience in the fields of general aviation security principles of the EU and ICAO; Air cargo and mail security related principles and how they are applied to operations; and security technologies and techniques relevant for the validation process; and Undergo recurrent training.

Maik Märtens

Experience Backgrounds: 20 Years experience in logistics. Incl. 11 Years high experience in special speed logistics road an air. Approved Trainer for Security Trainings in accordance with the EU (VO) 185/2010 o 11.2.5 o o o 11.2.7 o 11.2.6 Experience in many consultings for known Consigners or regulated Agents to become an authorization by the national authority Experience in creating security manuals for known Consigners and regulated Agents. Official approval as an EU Independent Validator by the relevant authority.
Birte Weinstein She has been experiences in logistics for more than 20 years. She was educated in an forwarding agency. Her expert knowledge could be extended through working outside the transport industry. Beneath that she got her authorization to do consulting and auditing for several management systems, e.g. ISO 9001, as well the extension of her training licenses to nearly all trainings air security related. Her references include many regulated agents and known consignors, supply chain security programs (RA/KC), ISO/AEO projects and more. Official approval as an EU Independent Validator by the relevant authority.   We´re lucky to have her competences in our team.