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Aircraft operators - also called an air carrier; entity undertaking air transportation that holds a valid operation license or equivalent

European Union (EU)

Regulations are the basis of the

ACC3 Aviation Security

Validation program

Any air carrier transporting cargo/mail from an airport in a third country not on the “green” list for transfer, transit or unloading at any airport falling with the [EU Member States] shall be designated as an Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport REGULATIONS Amends EU 185/2010 includes: 573/2010 859/2011 173/2012 1082/2012 (replaces 573/2010) Aliqua aliquip lorem dolore quis, irure et ea laboris in esse ut, consectetur cupidatat lorem tempor. Commodo voluptate esse commodo mollit. Exercitation veniam ipsum aliquip quis dolore eiusmod. Eu velit, irure in anim veniam magna sunt.
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ACC 3 Security Programme

The ACC3 security programme shall set out either for each third country airport individually or as a generic document specifying any variations at named third country airports:    a) description of measures for air cargo and     mail,  b) procedures for acceptance,  c) regulated agent scheme and criteria,  d) known consignor scheme and criteria,  d) account consignor scheme and criteria,  f) standard of screening and physical examination,  f) location of screening and physical examination,  h) details of screening equipment,  i) details of operator or service provider,  j) list of exemptions from security screening including equipment or physical examinations,  k) treatment of high risk cargo and mail.
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EU-Independent Validator

EU aviation security validation is a standardised, documented, impartial and objective process for obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine the level of compliance of the validated entity with requirements set out in regulation (EC) No 300/2008 and its implementing acts. The EU aviation security validator shall establish the level of compliance with the objectives contained in the checklist and record these findings in the appropriate part of the checklist. EU aviation security validations may only be carried out by legal entities or individuals who have been approved as an EU aviation security validator by the appropriate authority of an EU Member State and are listed in the EU-Database.
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